Ways To Treat Hemorrhoids – Getting Pain Relief From Hemorrhoids

If you are like me and are looking for ways to treat hemorrhoids to get relief then hopefully my story will help you with your hemorrhoid problem.

If you suffer from hemorrhoid pain and that itching when your hemorrhoids are active then you will know what I am talking about. I don’t care who you are the idea of having hemorrhoids is not a picnic. Finding ways to treat hemorrhoids that will help relieve hemorrhoid pain can required a lot of research on your part or maybe your doctor can help with the search.

What are the best ways to treat hemorrhoids and will last.

I started having hemorrhoid problems at an early age. You may know them by another term which was piles. Either way they are no fun. I was in my late teens when I started and they lasted until 1980 when I had surgery to remove them.

I did a lot of traveling when I was young in order to visit my grandmother who lived in Texas and I would travel by train to see her. It seemed that every time I would go to visit her my hemorrhoids would act up either on the way to her house or on the way back. I wish I knew ways to treat hemorrhoids then because it sure wasn’t pleasant.

You can imagine the pain when traveling on the train and having your hemorrhoids act up. I had external hemorrhoids which made it hard to sit down and the movement of the train really didn’t help matters. Also, I would get that anal hitch caused by the enlarged vein which made the problem even worse. Its hard to get relief when you are sitting next to someone and you have that itchiness all the time while sitting there.

I thought that the hemorrhoids would go away when I got older. The thinking of a teenager. I didn’t know that it would get worst if that was even possible.

I went into the military after I got out of high school and I thought that the problem would go away.This wasn’t the case. In fact the problem would come up more frequent because I had a sit down job and the military doctor said that was one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.

I always thought picking up heavy objects was the cause of hemorrhoids. I really didn’t believe the doctor when he told me that. Anyway, I figured he knew what he was talking about and asked him what I could use for relief.

He told me to try preparation h suppositories to help with reducing the hemorrhoids and help with the itching. I never did go to the doctor about my problem when I was living at home because it really wasn’t that bad at the time.

However, one of my first jobs was lifting heavy objects and a lot of sitting.

Doing these things made my problem a lot worst than when I was at home. So when the doctor told me about this medicine I thought that would be the cure for sure. I forgot to ask the doctor if this would cure the hemorrhoid for good. No, it didn’t and so I would have to use the suppositories whenever the hemorrhoids would act up or look for other ways to treat hemorrhoids.

I don’t know if you have every used suppositories but the first time I tried them was not a good time. After putting the suppository in I just stood up and guess what happened. If you guessed that it came out you would be correct. I no sooner stood up when the suppository came out. I either didn’t read the instructions or the doctor didn’t tell me that when you insert the preparation h suppository to make sure it is in all the way before you stand up. Well I never did that again.

Its bad enough having to use suppositories let alone having to do it twice to get it right.

The problem with using preparation h when I had a flare up was that it was not a long time solution. I don’t think there is a long time solution to hemorrhoids except maybe surgery. I finally had to have the surgery because I was loosing so much blood that the doctor recommended surgery.

I think the main cause of my hemorrhoid problems was my sphincter muscle which was too small. The doctor said that he enlarged the muscle to help with my bowel movement. I also had to strain when I had a bowel movement so he said enlarging the sphincter muscle should help and eliminate having hemorrhoids when having a bowel movement. He also removed all the hemorrhoids to stop all the bleeding. I guess he was right because I never had any problems again. As I mentioned above my surgery was in 1980 and I have been hemorrhoid free all this time.

I believe you can pass on the surgery by using the new products on the market today. There are so many today that it may be hard to choose one that will work for you.

With these new products you can get hemorrhoid relief a lot easier and not so embarrassing. Especially when you are on trips or away from your home at work. A lot of people are using a new product called¬†Venapro which would stop the bleeding, itching and the pain. The reading material also said that the product was homeopathic which is better still. The product is a blend of minerals and herbs so they would be better for you than having ingredients in the product that you can’t even pronounce.

This Venapro product has a capsule and spray for relief of hemorrhoid pain. The supplement is for the colon and the spray which you will spray under your tongue is for relief from the symptoms.  I sure wish they had this product when I was having problems with hemorrhoids. Its a lot easiest to take a capsule and spray under your tongue than trying to insert a suppository. Especially when you are not in your own home. This alone will be a great advantage.

You have to take the product for a few months but most said that it really helped them. They were seeing results within a few days so I guess this really does work. Imagine not having the painful hemorrhoids again after a few months or less of taking this product. I sure which they had this when I was going through the hemorrhoid phase. But as with anything some will see results and others want. I guess you just have to try Venapro to see if it works.

I wish they had it when I was having hemorrhoid problems. Maybe the surgery I had would not be required if I was using something like this.

Only time would tell but its too late for me but maybe it would help you. If nothing else it surely would be less embarrassing than trying to insert a suppository.

Hopefully the new ways to treat hemorrhoids will benefit you now.

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